Image of SALT. ISSUE 6



In a climate where traditional modes of articulating refusal through physical action become criminalised or dangerous, language, and furthermore what can be done with it, becomes the only potent weapon left. Errors in our communications offer space for disruption and subsequently open up new ways to disobey through glossolalia: to speak in tongues, to be incomprehensible, and to confuse. This issue attempts to put into circulation performative gestures of disobedience and nonquiescent articulation as models for experimental protest.

Adrienne Arcilla, Mali Collins, Giulia Damiani, Molly Davy, Freya Field - Donovan, Jack Halberstam, Saira Harvey, Aimee Heinemann, Eve Lacey, Kay Law, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, Vicki Tingle, Giulia Tommasi, Villa Design Group, Jala Wahid

Perfect bound, full gloss A5 booklet

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