Image of SALT. ISSUE 4


Pageantry as practice, by its very nature, dismisses subjectivity in place of artifice and fictions. This issue is an attempt to bring back the subjecthood. To pick apart the fictions and find a language to articulate our non-freedom through the pageantry of the everyday; love, intimacy, anxiety and embarrassment.

Love, intimacy, anxiety and embarrassment are patriarchy's instruments of coercion; they keep us in check, maintain our consumption. The appeal of a lipstick is in the promise of a kiss. And besides, everyone knows kisses are the remedy to loneliness.

List of contributors:
Jenna Collins, Charlotte Cullen, Racheal Crowther, Alexine Haynes, Samuel Kenswil, Lora Hristova, Grace Miceli, Kadeem Oak, Naomi Pearce, Hannah Regel, Thea Smith, James Stradner, Linda Stupart, Alexandra Symons Sutcliffe, Hannah Tindle, Jala Wahid.

Full gloss A5 booklet.

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