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Structural misogyny permeates the way we talk and think about sex to such a degree that the cultural violence it dictates has become insidious. The violence of sexual politics is not only common place, but, often, entirely unnoticed. Unnoticed is the wrong word, tolerated would be more fitting. The subject of our last issue was Transparency; the themes of this issue seemed like the next logical point of departure as behind the veiling of misogyny is the violence which keeps it in check.

Issue 3 takes its title from the sexual fetish Salirophilia. Salirophilia is a sexual fetish that involves deriving erotic pleasure from soiling or disheveling the object of one's desire. We've taken this fetish as a metaphorical culmination of the power relationships inherent in sexual interaction; the inevitability of harming or degrading a sexual being is not only expected but endemic.

List of Contributors:
Michael Archer; Samuel Bromley; Sean Burns; Saira Edwards; Philomena Epps; Rebecca Jagoe; Abigail Jones; Hannah Regel; Thea Smith; Amy Steel; Jala Wahid; Celeste Welch.

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